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Festival de poesía Palabra en el mundo (tendrán que traducirlo)

Vorto en la mondo, Palavra no mundo, Parola nel Mondo,
Worte in der Welt, Rimayninchi llapan llaqtapi, Paraula in su Mundu, Cuvânt în Lume, Parole dans le Monde, Ordet i verden, Palabra no mundo, Ñe’ê arapýre, Paraula en el Món, Chuyma Aru, Koze nan lemond, Kelma fid-dinja, מילה בעולם (milá baolam), Nagmapu che dungu, Tlajtoli ipan tlaltikpaktli, וורט אין ועלט (Vort in Velt), Palabra en el mundo

From May 19th to the 24th of 2011
Let's give peace a chance

To  the poets who are also people in word, action and organization;
to the teachers in the task of illuminating the future;
to the journalists who do not keep quiet truths
the workers of culture, those who make dreams flourish,
those from the promotion and development make a difference,
the thousands of people struggling for peace and social justice.

On the threshold of the fifth festival of poetry everywhere, we convocate from thirty countries, from more than five hundred cities, to enlarge the world in poetry, this time raising the peace sign to multiply encounters and good dreams, the specific job from the culture of our people, celebrating the brotherhood, creating opportunities for integration, poetical groove and seed. All horizontally and plural, broad participation and freedom of action
We said we were trying to do more poetry readings than bases and military centers in the world, which we reaffirm today at the certainty that, with infinite patience, enters the cities of light, and these are merely the tangible expression of the best human dreams.
Let's give peace a chance and in poetry and song and art and a lot more, let’s begin the celebration of culture dedicated to celebrating the human, in harmony with nature. We want Permanent Peace so devote more energy to the solutions life demands, to develop the potential of creation and human happiness.
Is not daily news about corruptions, crimes, tragedies, the ones that make the world, we all are the world once we put together our small experiences, everyday gestures, anonymous, projects, efforts and work, vocations and meetings and reunions, even though the media that make up the choir of appetite-profit established want to erase the traces of our passage. Every crisis can be an opportunity for a new beginning, let’s make life not what happen in other places but we really want it to be in this planet, let’s give life a new opportunity on earth, now and to everybody, always between all of us.
The shapes can be multiple, a single passion: to organized in schools, universities, theaters, cafes, restaurants, amphitheaters, beaches, parks, squares, streets, homes, houses of culture, radio stations, television studios, conference halls, shopping centers, or  where imagination suggests, one or many poetry readings, which together with others in various places, will be the V Festival of Poetry: Word in the world, from 19 to 24 May 2011, in a thousand places on the planet. If they are more, we'll be even closer to the ideal place in the fraternity of joy.
This call is made by “Proyecto Cultural SUR Internacional”, Revista Isla Negra” y “Festival Intenacional de Poesía de La Habana”, in every place you can take as your own and work in together with the most diverse cultural institutions.  We leave it in your hands with the hope that each will add heart, strength and reasons so the poetry become into something more than words.
Let's give peace a chance by flourish life. Let’s everybody know the reasons of our song! Let’s make our world! Let’s be the actors of our destiny!


The possible (and also the impossible) in few lines
Word in the world is an initiative unit and is constructed from everybody’s participation. The basic idea is that each of us craft a poetic activity in their cities, he addition of all of us will result in a Festival of Poetry Everywhere.
Those who receive it in each place, Are in full freedom to integrate the alternatives that they deem appropriate: music, theater, visual arts, puppetry, photography, film, dance, science, history, etc.

The advertising must carry the headline:

V Festival: Word World

Vorto en la mondo, Palavra no mundo, Parola nel Mondo, Worte in der Welt,
Rimayninchi llapan llaqtapi, Paraula in su Mundu, Cuvânt în Lume,
Parole dans le Monde, Ordet i verden, Word in the world, Palabra no mundo,
Ñeê arapýre, Paraula en el Món, Chuyma Aru, Koze nan lemond,
Kelma fid-dinja, Milim ba ólam, Nagmapu che dungu.

From May 19th to the 24th of 2011
Let's give peace a chance

and it will add the institution, group, etc., that convened at the local level at each meeting.

All organizers assume the mission of promoting the Festival between their contacts, in  the idea of achieving the widest participation of public and expand the Festival to other cities and countries.

Poetry in schools:
Chat poets in schools; the teachers themselves speak of poetry; the students write it; choose poetry and illustrate it; The illustrations can be mounted as shown in the school or exchange with other participating. and even display them in the city commercial windows. Leisure about poetry.  Interaction of poetry with sculpture-painting-music-theater-circus-puppet-etc.
Organization of seminars, conferences, about aspects of poetry, the work of authors, genres, etc. Tributes to local poets, debates about the role of poetry today.

Performing concerts, exhibitions of illustrated poetry or visual poetry. The secretaries of Extension or organs of involvement with the community and already have  the momentum required for these proposals, in the spirit of integration: the university community - society.

Singing and poetry:
We invite musicians, songwriters, musical groups, to schedule a concert with participation of one or more poets. Share the stage, creating music for poems or other new variants. The essential thing is that music and singing shake hands to express poetically.

During the days of the Poetry Festival schedule broadcast programs, with guest poets, interviews, reading, etc. Poetic meetings transmission within Word in the world. Support from radio stations to the activities of the city.

Put on air the program or series of interviews with local authors, or even cultural capsules with read poetry in the studio or outsides locations. Also audio musicalized plates with audio reading of a poem. Etc.

Newspapers and magazines:
Newspapers can publish a page or a supplement of poetry. Magazines can participate with a special issue devoted to poetry.

Organizing tributes to poets and poetry readings. Spread in this week, especially the poetic heritage of the Library bringing books to the public, invitations to lectures with authors and community. Campaigns to increase the wealth of books of poetry.

Botanical gardens, college campuses, parks:
Organize a reading and plant a tree in honor of poetry or one or more poets, with the symbolic idea of creating, over time, a "forest of Poetry" or "forest of the poetic word in the world", etc. .

Many municipalities have declared the activity of the city around of World in the world: of municipal interest. The interest of the cultural authorities of the municipality or the province has stated on several occasions and this has greatly helped the local organizers.
To be declared like that, a simple procedure with the authorities of Culture due in advance. The municipalities that have done so have been rewarded greatly with the success of each call has been echoed in various ways, not just local.
Municipalities through its cultural management can be performed with great success to poetry related activities throughout its territory.

Other actions:
A diversity of poetic and-or cultural groups have taken poetry to the streets, subway stations, malls, jails, parks, hospitals and museums. Routes have been mapped out in parks and forests baptizing trees with names of poets and ending the way by planting a tree and a small reading or artistic act. Also several poetry groups distributed on the streets, carried posters with illustrated poetry that were displayed in shop windows, billboards, walls, vehicles, public passenger transport.
Imagination is endless!!

Each organizer will send by mail the promotional poster that can be printed and distributed, as well – in the same way – a certificate of participation for the audience.
Each organizer will ask for your (to be included in the general and given to dissemination):

Exact location:
Participating poets:
Coordinator for Word in the world and mail contact:

For radio and TV programs to add: Station / program / drivers, if you broadcast over the web, the link.
For schools: Levels involved, teachers and other institutional data are timely. Each organizer must report the progress and results to summarize.

Nothing can silence the song, when there are just reasons!
In poetry!
A warm hug

Tito Alvarado (Proyecto Cultural Sur honorary president) pcsur@aei.ca
Impaglione Gabriel (Magazine Isla Negra director) poesia@argentina.com
Alex Pausides (International Poetry Festival in Havana President) proyectosurcuba@uneac.co.cu
Carolina Orozco (Head of the Festival's official blog) pcsur-nc@colombia.com

Vorto en la mondo (esperanto), Palavra no mundo (portugués), Parola nel Mondo (italiano), Worte in der Welt (alemán), Rimayninchi llapan llaqtapi (quechua), Paraula in su Mundu (sardo), Cuvânt în Lume (rumano), Parole dans le Monde (francés), Ordet i verden (danés), Word in the world (inglés), Palabra no mundo (gallego). Ñe’ê arapýre (guaraní), Paraula en el Món (catalán), Chuyma Aru (aymara), Koze nan lemond (creole), Kelma fid-dinja (maltés), Milim ba ólam (hebreo), Nagmapu che dungu (mapuche)...

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